Digital Learning at St Michael's School
All New Zealand Schools have been asked to provide information to the Ministry of Education about our ability to deliver home learning packages to all students in the event the government directs nation wide school closures.

The St Michael's School management team is committed to ensuring that we are prepared for this event so that your child still maintains a connection to the learning.

We are interested in finding out more about your family situation, your priorities for learning as well as where our team will need to provide assistance to make this a success.

Please do complete the following survey so that we are able to design a system that is fit for purpose should we find ourselves in a school closure situation.

Thank you,

Kristina Crouch
(tumuaki / principal)
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Please describe the type of internet connection your child(ren) will have access to
In the event of school closures who would be responsible for supporting your child(ren) with engaging with the digital learning platform?
Do you see any specific barriers with this type of learning for your child or your family as a whole?For example...five children and only one laptop. Please explain
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How confident do you feel with ensuring your child(ren) stay safe with online learning
I don't feel that they will be safe at all
I am confident with managing my child's safety online in the home
Please check all of the ways you will be able to support your child with their online learning
What areas of the curriculum are most important for you to see included in the program that is designed?
What ages are your children / child
How well do you think your child will "cope" with online learning if they are provided with the right support at home and from teachers?
I am worried that my child will not be able to learn in this way at all
Very well, I think my child has the commitment and enthusiasm to adapt to this style
Please describe in a few words what you understand remote digital learning to be
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Please check the kinds of devices your child will have access to for the online learning program
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