Scale By the Bay 2018 Volunteer Application
This form is used to collect applications for volunteer and discounted passes for students. Please fill all required fields. We'll tally all applications as they are received and issue passes when available. Only a limited amount of student passes can be issued, and preference will be given to track managers, volunteers, and then general students, in that order.
What is your name? *
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Are you currently enrolled as a student? *
When do you expect to graduate? *
What is your course of study? *
Please name the major, research focus, Galvanize program, or similar.
What days do you plan to attend? *
Can you be a track manager or volunteer each day you checked? *
A track manager stays with a single track all day. A volunteer contributes a 3 hour shift each day of attendance. We need 3 managers for each day and 5-10 volunteers. Tracks and shifts will be scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis via a google spreadsheet. Track managers and volunteers get preference for free passes, in that order, then discounted student tickets. Track managers should be able to introduce speakers meaningfully.
Can you provide professional-level photography or videography help?
We need a photographer in each of the three tracks. Each photographer must bring his/her own high-quality equipment, at a minimum full-frame/APS-C camera shooting RAW, fast lenses (faster than 2.8, 1.x preferable), fast telephoto lenses (not slower than 2.8) and should be proficient in shooting in low-light and delivering RAW results. A videographer should be able to man a professional grade camera and monitor audio and video, tracking properly and miking up speakers.
Can you commit to volunteer training on Wednesday 11/14? *
We'll need to do a dry run with the volunteers before the conference. We strongly prioritize the candidates who can join the training.
Tell us why you want to help with/attend Scale By the Bay! *
Tell us how we can increase conference diversity
We're keen on equal opportunity, diversity, and helping underrepresented community members. Please tell us anything that can help us do that if we give you a free/discounted pass. If you come from the underrepresented groups, please share it with us too.
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