HYU Member Interest Form
This is a form for Assembly, Council, & Circle of Good Minds membership. To be a member of the Circle of Good Minds you must qualify first (details below).

Type of Membership
Assembly Membership: open to those individual, organizations, families who support the temple’s, purpose, mission, beliefs & vision; must attend at least one of the temple’s services

Council Membership: Must attend community development sessions & study group for at least 12 weeks; complete initiation (qualification to become a part of Circle of Good Mind); Must support the temple’s, purpose, mission, beliefs & vision; Attend session

Circle of Good Minds: Council of Leaders/Servants are directly involved in the activities and affairs of Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI; duties and functions are identified by (but not limited to) service; All are Elders (18+), Male and female and not seeking recognition. The Circle consists of at least 5 members with a limit of 12.

Monthly orientation every 3rd Wed @ 6p

What type of membership are you interested in?
What brought you to Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI?
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What do you hope to achieve with us?
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What skills/assets do you bring to the temple?
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Where do you see the temple going?
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