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Thank you for your interest in our #Careerpivot programs. Depending upon your present stage of life and your Objective of registering for this program, we can guide you on choosing the right Career Development Package.
For your information the three packages are:
1) Columbus Package: Meant for High School, College or University Students trying to search for a best-fit Career.
The Assessment Reports that will be used in this package are designed to help a Student to find his/her Greatest Strengths and the Best-Fit Career Options. Hence, this package is for people who have still not chosen their Career paths and have not yet entered the Job market.
Kindly note: This package is meant for bonafide students studying in Board affiliated Schools or UGC/AICTE recognized Academic Institutions and are above the age of 15 years.

2) Rajnikant Package: This package is meant for Executives who are trying to redefine their Career paths. The Reports used and the Guidance plan are based on understanding their Behaviors at Work and the kind of work they show an affinity to perform. This package will deal with issues where a professional executive is searching for a different profession to succeed better.

3) Norgay package: This package is meant for Executives who want to succeed even more in their current professions. They are trying to find out more about themselves and their Workplace Behaviors, Areas of Work that they exhibit an affinity towards and the Behaviors that have a Tendency to act as Derailers at their Workplace.
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