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Thank you for your interest in standing for election as a potential candidate to be the representative for Canadian Cheer Athletes on the Cheer Canada Board! The purpose of this document is to educate prospective candidates for election about the roles, responsibilities and commitment of a Director of Cheer Canada, so that candidates are fully informed about what is expected of them and what might lie ahead.

We are at an extremely important stage in the development of our sport and in the progression of our National Sport Organization (NSO) in gaining recognition by Sport Canada.

What is the process to be nominated as the Athlete Director of Cheer Canada?
All individuals who are interested in becoming the Athlete Director of Cheer Canada must complete this nomination form. Any Team Canada Premier athlete from the last 5 years is eligible to apply.

What is the deadline for submitting a Nomination Form?
Nomination Forms should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, June 20th, 2019.

What is the structure and composition of the Board of Directors of Cheer Canada?
The Board consists of eleven (11) Directors as follows:
· Five (5) Directors-at-Large;
· Five (5) Regional Directors, one (1) from each of the following Regions:
o Pacific Region: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories;
o West Region: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut;
o Central Region: Ontario;
o East Region: Quebec; and
o Atlantic Region: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.
· One (1) Director representative of the athletes.
& Athlete Director

Eligibility of Athlete Director
Any individual, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, who is a resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act, who has the power under law to contract, who has not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country, and who does not have the status of bankrupt, may be nominated for election or appointment as a Director. The Athlete Director must also be a member in good standing with their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), must have been a member of the Team Canada Premier program within the last 5 years, and ideally has experience in several different aspects of the sport of cheerleading - ie. All Star, Scholastic, Professional (CFL), National team, etc. Lastly, the Athlete Director does not have to be an actively competing athlete any longer, but strong current ties to the cheerleading industry are preferred. Life experience outside of cheerleading is an asset to round out this candidate.

Ineligible – The following individuals and Members cannot be nominated, appointed or elected as a Director: a) Any
employee of the Corporation for the duration of their employment and one (1) year after termination of their employment; or b) Any individual or Registrant who is hired to perform specific work for the Corporation, either individually or as a partner, associate, board member or shareholder of a corporation for the duration of the specific work and one (1) year after delivery of the work.

Election of Athlete Director

All Team Canada Premier athletes from the last 5 years are eligible to submit a Nomination form. As per the ICU's process if selecting an Athlete Representative, current Team Canada Premier athletes from the 2018-2019 season will then read applications and vote in a private voting process.

The top 3 candidates voted on by the athletes will be brought back to the Athlete Representative Selection Committee for a vote. This committee will be comprised of one Board Member from Cheer Canada, the Chair of the National Team Management Subcommittee, the Chair of the High Performance Committee and one coach each from Team Canada Coed & All Girl Premier. Strong preference will be given to the athlete’s top choice of candidate.

Terms – The term shall be two years. Directors may serve up to four consecutive terms.

What are the Duties of a Director?
Directors are responsible for establishing the short and long term strategic plan for Cheer Canada and in governing the affairs of Cheer Canada on behalf of the Members. Directors have a relationship of ‘trust’ with Members, and it is from this trust relationship that important legal duties arise. It is important to remember that the members have placed their faith in the directors to both do the right thing, and do things right. Fiduciary duties of a director are identified in federal statute and in common law, and encompass three components:
· The duty of diligence – this is the duty to act reasonably, prudently, in good faith and with a view to the best interests of Cheer Canada and its members.
· The duty of loyalty – this is the duty to place the interests of Cheer Canada first, ahead of the interests of other associations (including Provincial Sport Organizations), and to not use one’s position as a Director of Cheer Canada to further private interests.
· The duty of obedience – this is the duty to act within the scope of the bylaws, policies and rules of Cheer Canada, and within the scope of other laws, rules and regulations that apply. In particular, policies relating to Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest are very important.
What are the competencies, experience and qualities sought in potential Directors?
In addition to legal duties, directors are also expected to fulfill certain job requirements. A capable director is one who:
· Has the experience to meet most, if not all the criteria contained in the Nomination Form below,
· Demonstrates a strong personal commitment to the work of Cheer Canada,
· Possesses knowledge, skills and/or expertise in one or more areas of board governance,
· Is willing to serve on committees and task forces to support Cheer Canada in doing its work,
· Prepares for, attends and participates fully in Board meetings,
· Publicly represents the positions and views of Cheer Canada, even if they might differ from the director’s
personal positions or views, and
· Understands and respects the confidentiality of the business of Cheer Canada.

Appendix 1 attached to this document identifies additional qualities of directors.

What Time and Work Commitment is Involved?
The Cheer Canada Board meets 1-2x monthly, generally on Thursdays at 9pm EST via conference call - A director is expected to be prepared for these meetings, by having reviewed the agenda and read all materials distributed in advance. Directors are also expected to participate in the Annual General Meeting of Cheer Canada, and may be asked to represent that National Association at other local, regional or national events. The upcoming AGM will be in Calgary on August 17th, 2019. Travel expenses are paid for by Cheer Canada, and the new Athlete Director is anticipated to be part of this meeting.
A director could expect to spend between 4 and 10 hours per week on matters involving Cheer Canada.

If I Decide to Stand for Election, What are the Next Steps?
If you have any questions about what is involved in being a director on the National Board, please feel free to contact Tanya O'Brien (
Complete this application form and submit by June 20th, 2019.

What is the estimated timeline of events related to the election of Directors?
The following is subject to minor adjustments:
· June 20th - All nominations for Board of Director candidates to be received
· June 21st - Voting by athletes will commence
· June 24th - Athlete voting ends
· June 27th - Selection Committee finalizes nomination of Athlete Director
· Communication by Cheer Canada of the selection of a new Athlete Director

Appendix 1: Additional Qualities of Directors
[This is an excerpt from a resource prepared in 2007 by Hugh Lindsay, titled “20 Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask about Governance” and published by Imagine Canada, page 29]
In addition to their technical abilities and experience, good directors have personal qualities that can make them valuable contributors to the board. In selecting prospective board members, the Nominating Committee should consider looking for individuals with such qualities as:
· Integrity: They have personal integrity and insist that the organization behaves ethically.
· Courage: They have the courage to ask tough questions and to voice their support of or opposition to proposals and actions. Their loyalty to the member’s interest may demand that they express dissent and persist in demanding answers to their questions.
· Good judgment: They focus on the important issues and base their decisions and actions on wisdom, sound business practice and common sense.
· Perspective: They have broad knowledge and experience which they apply to discussions and decisions.
· Commitment to learning: They are prepared to take the time to get to know their organization, know their job and stay up to date. They take responsibility for their own education in areas of their contribution to the board and participate in educational sessions offered by the organization. The culture of a board is as important as the skills, experience and knowledge of its members.
The directors should have the behavioral skills to function and work effectively together as a collegial team, including:
· Ability to present opinions: They are articulate and able to present their views clearly, frankly and constructively.
· Willingness and ability to listen: They listen respectfully and make sure they understand what they have heard.
· Ability to ask questions: They know how to ask questions in a way that contributes positively to debates.
· Flexibility: They are open to new ideas and responsive to the possibility of change.
· Dependability: They do their homework and attend and participate in meetings.

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