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Did you know? A recent study published in the journal Maternal and Child Health found social support affects a mother's likelihood of reaching out for professional help. 200 participants completed an online survey that asked if they had experienced symptoms of postpartum anxiety or depression and if they had disclosed their struggles to a physician, doula, or nurse.

Half of the women surveyed believed they met criteria for a postpartum mood concern. Women with greater support were more likely to disclose their symptoms to a medical provider. However, more than 30 percent of mothers in the study said they lacked a confidant, making it harder for them to talk about their problems.

No mom should feel unsupported or be expected to reach out on their own for help. MomSquad Napa Valley has established itself as a network moms can depend on. Our Sisterhood program strives to support women through the ups and downs of their early parenthood journey. We need each other.

If you are willing to watch a few videos, go on a virtual scavenger hunt and support your community of new moms, fill out the form below. We will contact you with next steps.
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