#WTSWorkshop - Speakers Form
We're kicking off our global virtual meetups again but with a twist: Live Workshops!

Introducing #WTSWorkshop
Build a Datastudio dashboard with us live, conduct a technical audit live, walk us through an SEO analysis, get us started with python, etc…the list is endless!
1 hour session: Live workshop with Q&A

And this time round, I’ll work hard on getting one sponsor per session to support us which means:
YOU will get paid! 60% of your session’s sponsorship fund goes directly to you! Because it’s about time this industry starts paying its speakers.

Sponsorship will be at £500+VAT unless they specify a customised package (Speaker Fee/Session = £300)

We’ll ensure our sessions are recorded for our global community (sponsor fund = proper technology finally)
If you’d like to take part, fill this super simple form letting me know what you’d conduct the workshop on!
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Please provide a detailed outline of what the workshop would include. Please bear in mind this is not a talk/presentation, this will be a live workshop. The more specific, the better!
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