OWNED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a constantly growing network of budding entrepreneurs and business owners, community activists and other hardworking individuals who share your similar ambitions and passion towards change. Ready, willing and able to assist you in achieving your dreams and goals, we are simply a community based Non-Profit organization with strong partnerships and working relationships along the East coast and rapidly expanding, here to provide assistance towards personal growth and positive change in underprivileged and often over-looked neighborhoods and communities.
      Our goal is to lead by example so we arrive with a vast network of intelligent, hard-working, experienced individuals who come from similar struggling environments and have all fought or are currently still fighting the “good fight” to obtain and maintain their own brand of success in today’s society and return to share their wisdom, time and resources with you.
       Our mission is simply to help occupants of struggling communities apply basic constructive concepts towards the change they seek. This begins the process of acquiring strength in numbers along the way through basic acts like: patronizing and supporting their local businesses, opening and maintaining businesses of their own and last but surely not least: reinvesting gains and profits back into the reconstruction and renovation their communities, it’s schools,businesses, homes and people within it.
The secret ingredient to our winning formula.., You!!
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