Food Waste Diversion Community Feedback
The West Lafayette Food Waste Diversion program launched in spring of 2019 with the creation of a drop off point to divert community food waste to an anaerobic digester at the West Lafayette Water Resource Recovery Facility. The digester converts the food waste to energy, lowering the city's dependence on fossil fuels and the community's overall waste footprint. This survey is intended to evaluate the community's participation and receive feedback on the program approximately one year after its launch.
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Have you utilized the community drop off point to divert your food waste in the last year? *
If yes, how often do you take your food waste to the community drop off point?
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If yes, approximately how much food waste do you regularly take?
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If no, what has prevented you from collecting and diverting your food waste?
Do you backyard compost? *
Did you take a free collection bin at the Fuel educational event or from the Streets and Sanitation department? *
If you collect your food waste in a container other than the free bins, what do you use?
How many people live in your household? *
My household has changed their habits concerning food waste in the last year. *
My household has become more aware of food waste's environmental impact in the last year. *
How far away do you live from the current drop off point? (705 S River Rd) *
If more drop off points were added, which would be most convenient for you?
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Any suggestions, general comments, or room for improvement in the food waste diversion program?
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