2016 Youmacon Press Application
Thank you for your interest in Youmacon 2016 Press Access. This year we will continue offering our Media Pass in addition to a normal Press Pass.

By applying for a complimentary press pass, or a discounted media pass, you agree that you are attending Youmacon 2016 as a service to your readers, viewers, and subscribers. In return, we ask you for three things:

1. If you are publishing a review, please be as fair and honest as possible. We believe that Youmacon is one of the best convention experiences in the world, but you are the ones who get to make that call.

2. If you are granted a press or media pass for Youmacon 2016, you may not charge Youmacon attendees for photoshoots, videos, or other services. We are providing these passes in good faith that you are here to cover the event for your medium, and not to turn a profit at our attendees’ expense. Anyone with a press or media pass who is found charging our attendees for any service will have their press credentials revoked, and will be asked to leave the convention. If you are a professional photographer intending on charging for your services, you are more than welcome to purchase a normal attendee pass.

3. With a press pass you will be granted early access to our larger events for setup, however we ask you to treat convention staff, guests, and attendees with respect. Please follow the instructions of Youmacon staff at all times.

The two types of passes we are offering this year are “Press” and “Media”.

A press pass is designed for well-established media outlets, such as newspapers, television stations, websites and popular blogs which specialize in convention or industry coverage. A Press Pass will grant you and your organization complimentary access to all events, and special privileges such as private interviews with our special guests, early access into our main events room, and a few more perks.

A media pass is designed for lesser known publications and outlets who may be just getting started, or do not have a large audience yet. These passes are offered at a discounted rate, and will grant you and your organization attendee-level access to Youmacon 2016. These passes can be viewed as a probationary press pass and will grant access to Youmacon 2016 at a reduced price of $30 / badge.

Please note that this year we have a limited number of Press & Media Passes available, and holding a press pass for 2015 will not automatically qualify you for a 2016 press pass.

If you have any questions, please e-mail press@youmacon.com.

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