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By completing this form, you are securing a spot for yourself on Team Flatwater in the 2020 NYC Marathon and agreeing to raise a minimum of $3,000 by October 31, 2020. Thank you for your support of Flatwater Foundation - you are an incredible ambassador of the cause.
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Sept. 1: $1,000 fundraising milestone must be met

Sept. 14: $5,000 fundraising incentive must be met to have Flatwater purchase your flight

Oct. 1: $2,000 fundraising milestone must be met

Oct. 30: Fly to NYC, get settled

Oct. 31: Optional team shake out & team dinner. $3,000 fundraising minimum must be met to participate in marathon the following day.

Flatwater Foundation requires that each runner fundraise a minimum of $3,000 for their participation in TEAM FLATWATER: NYC Marathon. There is a fundraising incentive at the $5,000 level. To receive the incentive perk, the $5,000 raise must be met by September 14, 2020 and includes (1) one round-trip flight to and from New York City (Flatwater to reimburse runner up to $600).


The fundraising minimum of $3,000 must be met by Saturday, October 31, 2020.

If minimum has not been met on October 31, 2020 the runner has the option to cover the outstanding balance and participate in the marathon. If the runner opts to not cover the outstanding balance, the runner will be unable to participate in the marathon.

It is the runners responsibility to monitor their fundraising account to make sure that all donations
submitted have posted by the fundraising deadline.

Donations received via check can be made out to Flatwater Foundation. When the check has been received by Flatwater Foundation the check amount will be credited to the paddler’s personal fundraising page. Note: We encourage large donations ($500 or greater) to be sent and processed via check to avoid online processing fees.

By signing this form you are committing to fundraising a minimum of $3,000 by Saturday, October 31, 2020.
These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) will apply to each participant (“Participant”) of the TEAM FLATWATER: NYC Marathon (“Event” or “Paddle”) run by Flatwater Foundation (“Foundation”) for the benefit of Flatwater Foundation (“Flatwater”). In order to protect the Foundation’s name, marks and reputation, participation must be conducted in accordance with these Terms. Only Participants that agree to comply with these Terms are permitted to use the Foundation’s name and marks and take part in the Event.

1. What is Included.

1.1 What is included in the cost of a trip: Runner entry fee + registration fee into the 2020 NYC Marathon, entry into Austin Runners Club for 2020, training t-shirt, event swag, invitation to Team Flatwater pre-race dinner in NYC.

1.2 What is not included in the cost of the trip: Airfare to and from New York, lodging while in NYC, food and drink during trip (other than pre-race dinner) hospitalization or, medical check-ups, immunizations and travel vaccinations, insurance, excess baggage charges, laundry services, liquor, snacks and souvenirs.

1.3 Flatwater Foundation strongly recommends that you discuss with your doctor or other medical providers the rigors of the trip and receive a thorough physical. You are responsible for any medical expenses and should be covered by your own health insurance.

2. Fundraising on Behalf of Flatwater Foundation.

2.1 All Fundraising will take place through the TEAM FLATWATER: 2020 NYC Marathon Classy page. All donations for the Event shall go directly to Flatwater Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization and public charity under IRS Tax ID 27-5011867.

2.2 Through your participation in the TEAM FLATWATER: 2020 NYC Marathon, you are provided an “expedition package” that includes entry + registration fees into the NYC Marathon and event swag. The IRS classifies this as a “fundraising incentive” and we must treat and account for this properly. In early January 2021, we will be required to issue you an IRS Form 1099-Misc that will show the value of the package as income you. You will need to include this income as miscellaneous income on your federal income tax return. Please note that we have paid the related income tax for you (at the maximum possible rate). Both the amount of the income and the tax we paid will be reflected on the Form 1099 you receive from us.

2.3 You will be required to fill out a W-9 form distributed by the Foundation and return it to the Foundation via email.
By checking the box below I am agreeing to these terms and conditions, including waiving legal rights. *
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