Breastfeeding Boot Camp Class Registration
Breastfeeding Boot Camp is a series of five classes consisting of the following topics:

1. BF 101: Breastfeeding Basics - 2.5 hours
o Meet with one of our CLC’s who will discuss breastfeeding basics, and breastfeeding in reality. You will learn about the various tips necessary to best prepare you for breastfeeding. The class content will cover breast anatomy, milk production, doula care, feeding schedules, common breastfeeding issues, knowing the signs of when to get help postpartum, and building your tribe (setting healthy boundaries). You will leave this class understanding the cultural and historical background of breastfeeding in the US and abroad for black women.

Dates & Times: Saturday Afternoons at 1 pm - 9/22. 10/19, 11/16, 12/14,
Evenings at 6 pm - 10/9, 11/6, 12/4,

2. The 4th Trimester & Bonding - 1 hour
o Postpartum class to discuss fun ways to create healthy relationships within the mother and baby dyad. This includes learning to create nursery rhymes, reading with baby, and exploring other family activities to do with your little one. There will be time to openly explore everyone's breastfeeding goals and expectations and also navigating various breastfeeding and maternal resources. POSTPARTUM CLASS

Dates & Times: Thursday Mornings at 10 am - 10/17, 11/14, 12/12

3. Pump, Pump, Pump it Up! - 1 hour
o Learn how to balance returning to work and breastfeeding their little one as well as how to pump and milk storage requirements. Mothers will create pumping schedules for a sample work day and also explore what nursing is public is like. Participants will learn about their workplace rights to breastfeeding and how to navigate their organizational policies.

Dates & Times: Tuesday Mornings at 10 am - 10/22, 11/19, 12/17

4. Growing our Little Ones - 1 hour
o Learn major milestones for baby’s growth, weaning techniques, nursing baby with teeth, healthy meals and snacks for development. Participate in a baby food making demo and receive fun recipes to take home for the entire family! Troubleshoot common and not-so-common breastfeeding challenges along with learning toddler feeding and weaning your little one. POSTPARTUM CLASS

Dates & Times: Monday Evenings at 6 pm - 10/28, 11/25, 12/16

5. Mommy & Me Yoga / Infant Massage - 1 hour
Bring your little one to participate in yoga with you and also learn techniques to calm, soothe, and relax your baby. This class will only have four sessions total and dates will be confirmed starting April. POSTPARTUM CLASS

Dates & Times: This Class is No Longer Available

To complete the registration, please select the class followed by date and time and include all other required information. Childcare is available upon request. Please confirm the age of each child you will need childcare for.
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