The 10th Annual CCC Badminton Open 2017
由CCC中文学校羽毛球队组织,2017第十届华社羽毛球公开赛将于4月30日下午一点至三点在中文学校举 行。欢迎华社羽毛球爱好者报名参加。本次比赛由于场地和时间的限制,只举行男子双打,女子双打和混合双打的比赛, 并限制每名选手 (无论男女)只能参加其中一项比赛。为了增加比赛的趣味性和娱乐性,比赛将采用抽签配对/分组,单轮淘汰制进行,冠军和亚军将获得奖杯。请有意参赛者提前报名,比赛当天不要迟到。 报名截止日期是4月28日,未报名临时参赛者不能保证当天可以安排比赛。
报名参赛费用:华社会员(请带会员卡)-- 免费;非华社成员 -- $15
报名按这里:, 报名截止日期是4月28日

Sponsored by CCC and organized by CCC Chinese School Badminton Club, 2017 the 10th annual CCC badminton open will be held on Sunday April, 30 from 1pm to 3pm at Chinese school. All CCC badminton fans are invited. We will have matches for men, women and mixed doubles. Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd places.

Registration fee: CCC member - free, non CCC member - $15.
Registration link:, due by 04/28/2017

Event Time & Location: Sunday 4/30/2017 from 1:00-3:00 at CCC Chinese School, Latham, NY 12110

Feel free to contact us at (518) 364-1651 with question

CCC Chinese School Badminton Club

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