Summer 2020 Women ONLY Course (8 Weeks) - Understanding the Shahadatain and the Necessity of Prayer
The testimony of faith, referred to as the shahadatain, is a contract between us and Allah. In order to successfully fulfill our end of the bargain, it is important that we understand the meaning of the statement as well as common obstacles that one who testifies to Islam will face. Even further, we must understand the role of prayer in helping us to succeed in our quest to implement the shahadatain.

The course will be starting on July 9, 2020 from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm and will run for eight (8) weeks. Comprehension quizzes are provided throughout the course. Registration is a required in order to attend the course attendance. The first course will be limited to 20 seats in light of the present pandemic. Participants are required to wear a face mask if attending at the masjid in accordance with State health guidelines. To register, please complete the form below.
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