February 2020 Foundations of Islam - Level 1 (Part 1) Women ONLY Course (8 Weeks) - Previously the Sisters' New Shohada Course
UMM's Foundations of Islam - Level 1 Course is open to new and practicing Muslims alike and seeks to provide them with fundamental information concerning the meanings of many of common remembrance of Allah phrases.

In sha Allah, this course will be starting in February 2020 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and will run for eight (8) weeks. Comprehension quizzes are provided throughout the course; participants will take a final exam and upon successful completion (80% or higher), they will be able to progress to part 2 of the Level 1 Course. The entire course consists of 3 levels.

Registration is a requisite of course attendance. To register, please complete the form below.
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