Sweet Top Farm 2020 CSA Member Agreement and Registration Form
A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a partnership between a farm committed to growing food sustainably and a community of people committed to eating locally and supporting local farmers. When you become a member of Sweet Top Farm, you are not just purchasing food from the farm. You are becoming part of the farm, entering into a direct relationship with the people who grow your food and the land it is grown on. Because that relationship is important to us as farmers, we strive to communicate clearly with our members. This agreement explains what you can expect from us as your farmers and what we expect from you as a farm member.

This agreement represents our commitment to you. We will work hard to bring you the best and most delicious produce possible. We want you and your family to enjoy good eating by having a connection to the source of your food. In return, we need you to commit to us. Please take a few minutes to carefully read through this agreement as it will help us lay the groundwork for a successful year together. There are several places in this agreement where your information, selection, or agreement is needed.

To register for Sweet Top Farm's 2020 Vegetable CSA Farm Membership, please read and fill out each section of the agreement below. After you submit your member agreement and registration, your payment should be mailed to:

Sweet Top Farm LLC
173 130th Street
Deer Park, WI 54007

If you have questions, contact us by email - sweettopfarm@gmail.com - or telephone - 507.923.6251.
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