iCare Phone Application
If your smart phone is dysfunctional, you may be eligible to apply for a new one to be sent to you free of charge. Democracy Prep staff have generously donated their old smart phones to our iCare program so that they can be used by a DP alumni like you as you make your way through college. Please see below for eligibility requirements before you complete this application.

★ You must be enrolled in at least two college courses
★ You must be in touch with your Alumni Captain and AR Advisor
★ Your current phone must cost more than $100 to repair
★ You must be willing and eager to write a thank-you letter to the staff member who donated her/his phone to you

There is no guarantee that your application will be approved. All answers in this application will be taken into consideration, as well as the proof you provide of the phone's dysfunction. We have a finite amount of donated phones, so phones will be distributed to the students who need them the most. Please note that you will still be responsible for purchasing/maintaining your own phone plan.

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Your Mobile Number *
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Please explain what is wrong with your current phone. *
You will need to provide proof of the dysfunction via email.
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When was the last time you purchased a phone? *
Can you provide a receipt for your last phone purchase? *
Can you provide proof that your phone costs more than $100 to repair? *
Will you email us after you submit this application, attaching proof of your phone's dysfunction? *
Dysfunction can be proven in a variety of ways, including pictures of your phone as well as a smartphone repair person's estimation of the dysfunction. The more proof you can send, the better. Make a case for yourself.
Thank you for starting the iCare application. Your application is not complete until you follow up with an email, attaching proof that your phone costs more than $100 to repair. Please do so now.

Someone from the Alumni Relations team will get back to you within one week with next steps. If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to Cinthia at cinthia.pimentel@democracyprep.org.

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