Diploma Request Form: 2020
This form is for students and families who no longer reside in New York City to request that their diploma be mailed to their new address. Any devices that were borrowed from the NYCDOE or Park East High School MUST be returned to Park East BEFORE a diploma will be mailed out. Any textbooks, library books, or school equipment borrowed from the school MUST also be returned to Park East BEFORE a diploma will be mailed out.

In order to have the diplomas mailed out, students must complete the following acknowledgements on this form:
• Attest that they are unable to pick up their diploma in person
• Provide consent to having their diploma mailed
• Acknowledge that their diploma will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. (Proof of graduation can be provided upon request, however.)
Email address *
Student Last Name *
Student First Name *
9-digit NYCDOE Student ID Number *
Date of Birth *
Mailing Address (Number & Street Name) *
Apt # (if applicable)
City and State *
Example: Buffalo, NY
Zip Code *
Email Address *
Phone Number *
I attest that I am unable to pick up my diploma in-person. *
I consent to having my diploma mailed to me at the mailing address provided on this form. *
I understand that the diploma will not be mailed until all devices (iPads, Laptops, calculators, chargers, etc) and or school materials (Textbooks, class books, library books, etc) that have been borrowed are returned to the school. *
I understand that the diploma will not be replaced in the event of damage, theft, or loss. I understand that I may obtain copies of my Official High School Transcript by properly submitting a request for official high school records which can be found on the school's website. *
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This form was created inside of Park East High School.