Californians for a Wellness Fund
Investing in healthier communities can keep people from needing health care in the first place, improve lives, and set the stage for health care reform. Californians for a Wellness Fund, an initiative of the Public Health Institute, and the Health Officers Association of California are requesting $36 million per year over five years as a one-time appropriation of $180 million from the California State Budget to launch a California Wellness Fund to promote health equity and prevent the leading causes of illness, injury, and premature death.

We urge you and/or your organization to show support by signing the form below.

Organizational letters of support are even more effective. Here is a link to Model Letter for you to customize and submit:

For more information, click here for our Fact Sheet:

Please contact Tracey Rattray at the Public Health Institute with any questions:
Support Californians for a Wellness Fund Budget Request
My organization/I support(s) Californians for a Wellness Fund's proposed budget request to launch a California Wellness Fund, providing resources to local health departments, community organizations, clinics, and tribes in a subset of jurisdictions from Northern, Southern, and Central California, over a 5-year launch with three years of field investment. *
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