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It is vital to clearly show your offerings on your website so that people can simply and easily browse through them, choose, and purchase what they want. The clearer and easier you make it the more you will sell.

Make sure you choose the right name for your offerings page. This is dependent on your industry. Here are some examples:

Education: Courses
Baking: Bakes / Cakes
Coaching: Packages
Hairdressing: Services
Restaurant: Menu
Online product store: Shop / Store
1. Offering Categories
In some cases you may have only one page with all your offerings on, or you may have a general offerings page with multiple other pages for different offering categories. In the example below you will see that the general offerings page is called "Classic Bakes." In the drop down menu there are pages for each category.
Offering Categories Example 1
What are the different categories of offerings you have? (You could include them all on one page or create different pages for each).
2. Offerings General: Best Sellers
In your Main Offerings page it is best to start with your best selling offerings. It is very likely that new customers will go for these to start with. It also helps them to choose amongst your many offerings.
Best sellers on offerings page example 1 (POY)
Which best selling offerings can you place at the top of the page?
What would you like the call to action buttons to say? (They can all be the same or different. It depends on your Brand's Personality)
3. Offerings General: Categories
After you have introduced your best sellers its time to introduce your other offering categories. Then people can decide which they want to browse through from there. You can also include a testimonial to show potential customers how much people love your offerings. You will notice below that people can now decide if they want to look at the Cakes, or Cheesecakes, or Brownies. Each link can either take them to a new page or further down on the same page if all your offerings are on the same page.
Offering categories example 1 (POY)
Which offerings would you like to introduce here on your general offerings page? (Remember to provide links to buy or browse further)
Which testimonial could you include here?
4. Offerings General: How to order
On the general offerings page you need to clearly explain to people how they can order. Use the simple and easy steps that you use on your Home page and FAQ page.
How to order steps example (POY)
What are the heading and subheading text for each step?
5. Offerings General: Team Authority
In your general sales page it is good to remind people why you are the best option for them. To do so you can reiterate you and your team's authority. It is also a good way for people to began building that personal connection with you and your team. Here you can also link to your About Page.
Team Authority Example 1 (POY)
What makes you or your team members so suited to solving your customer's problem? Make it personal, make it customer-focused.
6. Offerings General: Guarantee
A big part of selling is helping customers overcome their objections. So you want to address their objections in the most effective ways, and especially while they are browsing your offerings. One way to do this is to provide them with a guarantee.
Quality Guarantee Example 1 (POY)
What guarantees can you give customers to reassure them about the quality of your offerings?
7.2 Offerings General: A Better Way - Part 1
To further help potential customers make the leap to purchase you can explain to them why the way that you are offering them is the best way.
A Better Way Explanation Example (POY)
What is a typical objection which a potential customer may have in your industry? (Example: Cake is only for people who can stomach very sweet things, or buying cake is a gamble because it might look nice but not always taste nice)
What should it be like? (Example: Cake should taste amazing and satisfy that craving)
Ask them if they want to continue doing things the old way. (Example: Do you want to keep waisting calories and money on mediocre cake?)
Present your brand as the better way. (Example: You deserve the most delicious cake in Cape Town)
Put it all together.
7.2 Offerings General: A Better Way - Part 2
Here you can showcase the same product categories again with other photos or you can showcase other product categories. You want to show people the physical manifestation of the better way that you are presenting to them.
A Better Way Images and Offerings Example (POY)
What images, categories, or offerings can you present as the better way? Remember to also add a testimonial and call to action buttons.
As mentioned above, if you have multiple categories you could create a specific page for each category of offerings or a specific section on your general offerings page for each category. Withing each category you may also have subcategories.

These need to be showcased in such a way that is clear and makes it easy for browsers to see what you offer, find what they are looking for, and make a purchase.
1. Offerings by Category
If you look at the following examples by clicking on the links you will see that Philosophy of Yum has a different page for each category of products, namely, cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, comfort cakes, and gluten free.
What categories of offerings does your business offer?
2. Offerings by Subcategory
Within each of the categories that Philosophy of Yum offers, they also showcase their products by subcategories. For example, within the cakes category they have the following subcategories: general cakes, spring and summer cakes, autum and winter cakes.
Offering by subcategory example 1 (POY - Spring and Summer Cakes)
Offerings by subcategory example 2 (POY - Autum and Winter Cakes)
3. Individual offerings per page
If you click on each cake image you will see that it goes to the individual product offering. This is where you need to give more detailed information about that specific product.
Individual offering example 1 (POY - Chocolate Cake)
List the different individual offerings you have in each category and subcategory.
What type of information will you include in each individual offering listing on your website?
4. Individual offerings grouped on one page
Check out the following website to see how these coaching packages are laid out on one page.

Also look at the information that is given below each subcategory and within each package.
Category header and copy + Grouped individual packages example (ECC)
If you have service packages, what information will you provide under each main category?
If you have individual service packages, what information will you provide under each package? (Be clear on what people get, what it costs, and the terms of use)
Things to remember
1. Use amazing product images in your product listings
2. Always provide big call to action buttons
3. Make things clear and simple
4. Make the website easy to navigate
5. Provide all the information that customers need
Any other thoughts about offering listings?
Other examples
It is very important to price your offerings properly and provide customers with a simple and safe way to pay.
1. Make the pricing clear
Please, whatever you do, do not ask customers to contact you for pricing if it is not necessary. People HATE this!

If you have general prices that you charge for your offerings, state this clearly on your website. Or at least give customers an indication of what they could pay if you run a service.

This will help them in their decision making. It will also show them that you know what you are doing, you are a professional operation, and you are not trying to scam them in any way.

People are skeptical about businesses which are not forthcoming about their pricing.
Clear pricing example 1 (POY)
Clear pricing example 2 (ECC)
How can you go about being crystal clear about your pricing on your website?
2. Charge what you are worth
Some start ups fail to charge proper prices for their offerings and therefore never become established businesses. They are always undercutting themselves in order to get business. This is not a healthy business practice.

It is much better to spend some time working out prices that are fair for both you and the customers and then stick to these. If people want cheap stuff, they can go somewhere else.

Pricing your offerings properly is also a good way to connect with the right types of customers. You do not want the types of customers that are always wanting the cheapest things. They are usually very difficult to please.

You will notice in the POY example below that her prices are not cheap. She sells deluxe cakes. And people are willing to pay for it because it is worth it. If you look at her website you will see that she is fully booked for the next month. So pick prices that are worth your time and effort and that represent the value you offer.

If your prices are cheap, people may think your offerings are not as valuable.
Price worth example (POY)
What are your offerings really worth?
3. Offer packages that reward higher spending
In some cases it is good to offer people discounts for spending more money at once. This is often a good practice with subscription services. If people only pay for one month, they pay full price. But if they purchase two or three months, or even a year in advance they get a discount.

In the Elite Chess Coach example below you will see that he offers discounts if people purchase more than one coaching session. This encourages customers to buy more at once and therefore helps him in his planning and budgeting. It also helps customers get great deals. Its a win win.
Rewards for greater spending example 1 (ECC)
What different packages could you offer to encourage higher spending?
4. Online shopping
There is the option of placing all your products in an online store so that customers can easily purchase online. Then their products can simply be delivered, or they can collect it, etc.
Online store example 1 (BGB)
Would you like to offer all your products for purchase in an online store? Explain why.
5. Payment
It is vital to offer customers an easy and safe way to pay you. There are so many options to choose from:

1. Order and eft
2. Pay online via PayFast
3. Pay online via Credit Card
4. Cash on delviery
5. Pay a deposit and the rest after the service

The way that people pay you will be dependent on your unique business model. But it is recommended that if you can arrange online payments that you set this up to make your life and the life of your customers easier.

Payfast offers very easy integration with all websites that any South African can sign up to for free. Their rates per transaction are very reasonable.
Payfast offers simple ways to collect once off payments or even monthly subscriptions. See example buttons below.
Payfast and snapscan also offer easy payment options that integrate with Wordpress and Online Shopping plugins.
How would you like to facilitate payments on your website? Explain why.
D. Additional
Any other thoughts about your offerings, pricing, and payment?
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