Tree of life Application form
Through this application you are applying for tree of life Youth Exchange.

The project happens from 16-23 October 2019 (excluding travel days).

Participation in all phases is mandatory:
- Youth exchange Hopeland, Argos, Greece
- Follow up phase in partner country

Before applying please read infopack:
and in case you have any questions contact your sending organisation or write to us via e-mail:

Please read carefully all the questions and take your time to answer in detail.

Your application data is protected in accordance to The Data Protection Act 2018.
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General info
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Include also the City, Town, Village of residence.
Facebook profile link address: *
Facebook will be used for communication purposes - you will be invited to a Facebook group (if you don't have, you will be contacted by email)
What is your level of English? *
Does any of these apply to you? *
We wish to give equal opportunities to everyone. If you face any obstacles, please indicate, so we can also ensure diversity in our group.
Is the contribution of 50€ a real obstacle for you to participate in this project? If yes explain why and and how you can contribute to the project instead
My current physical health condition is... *
Indicate also any past traumas, any medication you use etc. (We ask this because the programme includes physical activities)
Do you have valid insurance in Greece? *
Diet *
All meals provided within Hopeland are vegetarian. If you have any other specific diet, let us know.
Allergies *
List all allergies you know you have (food, any bug bites etc.)
Emergency Contact person
Name & surname of contact person your relationship with the person
Contact number *
Phone and email
Focus questions
Before you continue play this song for inspiration
My motivation to participate in this project is... *
What would you like to learn? *
Hint - project is about sustainability
My experience in sustainability is... *
Do you have an interest? Have you studies sth relevant? What do you think about sustainable challenges?
My experience in wellness activities is... *
You do yoga, tai chi, chi kong etc and you want to share your knowledge with others, let us know!
My experience in living outdoors is? *
What is outdoors?
I have hiked and live outdoors a lot
Which type of the offered accommodation you prefer? *
Please note that we cannot guarantee where you will sleep during the programme because this will be decided by the community we are all going to form together.
Extra Roles
I can contribute to Tree of life by *
Yes, we promote pro-activity, and by being open to offer something from your side, we believe this project will have a greater impact in the future. So, how can you contribute?
In case you want to support the project through a special contribution indicated above, please paste here a proof of experience. (eg. if you want to support by videomaking paste some links of your videos, if you want to contribute with wellness sessions-yoga, paste here about your yoga instruction experience etc etc)
Agreements *
Anything else you would like to tell us
We might contact you to clarify any information provided, in case you have been selected or in case you haven't (also be ready that we might call you, EU no-roaming is wonderful!).

We hope to finish the selection process till early September. In any case feel free to contact us.

p.s. Have friends, siblings or people you know who might benefit from this Youth Exchange? Spread the word :)
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