The Great Year of the Rat Challenge 2020 - Parental Permission Form
2020年鼠年大挑戰 - 家長同意表格

Participating Parent's Full Name in English / 參加家長的英文名字 *
Participating Child's Full Name in English / 參加兒童的英文名字 *
Child's Current Year Level / 兒童的就讀年級 *
Parent's E-mail Address / 家長的電子郵件地址 *
Parent's Mobile Phone Number / 家長的電話號碼 *
English Version / 中文版本 *
"I hereby consent to my above named child taking part in The Great Year of the Rat Challenge 2020. I will ensure that my child has adult assistance to complete challenges that require it, including in particular the Ratty Cake Challenge. My full name is _____." Please enter your full name below to consent. / 「我在此允許我的孩子參加2020鼠年大挑戰。我將確保我的孩子獲得成人協助,以符合成人陪同完成挑戰的要求,特別是" 烘烤鼠鼠蛋糕”項目。」 請在下方輸入您的全名以表示同意。 *
Date of Consent / 同意日期 *
"I consent to any photographs/videos of my child taken as part of this challenge to be used for marketing purposes for Auspicious Times Limited and Asia Society Hong Kong Center." / 我允許 Auspicious Times Limited 和亞洲協會香港中心使用孩子在參賽時拍攝的照片或錄像作為推廣用途。 *
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