2018 ICBLT Registration 會議登記 (A)
2018 ICBLT aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators with interests in bilingual learning and teaching at all levels from all around the world.

It also aims to provide a high quality academic platform for the communities of EFL/ESL/ELT and the allied sciences to promote connections between theory and practice, and explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into different practices.

It aims to create a friendly occasion for all to share perspectives and research findings from a wide variety of educational contexts.
Above all, we value possible friendships and partnerships made and insights gained at the conference. We hope the participation here can lead to better understanding and appreciation of our profession from an international stance.

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong on 25-27 October 2018!


This form is for 2018 ICBLT conference AUDIENCE registration. If you are conference PRESENTER, please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfSTTgG8YQbobFl0VmA5L1uGz6wnkWon0baN9jc8Y2np91Tg/viewform

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