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The Piano Academy of Ireland is run by husband and wife pianists, Dr. Archie Chen & Rhona Gouldson and is now celebrating its 13th year. Their lives filled with pianos, they went on to found both an annual National Piano Festival – providing a platform for all ages and levels to perform, and in 2012 the Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy, for advanced students, while providing audiences with a mesmerising concert series each year.

Students at the Piano Academy are offered the combined training of a weekly one-on-one piano session in tandem with a group musicianship class.
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Children's Piano Lessons
Piano tuition is one-to-one and is offered to students of approximately 5-6 years old and above. Occasionally we may start a student that is younger if the child comes from a musical background, but it is usually best to wait until the child is 5 and has already completed some school and will absorb knowledge like a sponge! If a child waits until they are truly ready to start the piano, they will make speedy progress.

We find that one-to-one tuition is the best type of tuition to nurture the individual needs of a student. No two students are the same, and each will learn in a different way and aim for different goals. Our specifically designed programme is tailored towards the needs of each student. Individual tuition is the best way to use the time we have with a student, and to bring them to where they want to be.

Beginners will study with a beginner’s tutor book(s) for at least a year. These books will teach them the basics of piano playing. The Piano Academy of Ireland has many tutor books to choose from, and each will introduce the student to the elements of piano playing in a slightly different sequence, all eventually reaching the same point! Our teachers may work with beginners for a number of weeks without a book before selecting an appropriate tutor for the student. This process ensures that the teacher will get to know the student before choosing a tutor that with stimulate and move at the appropriate pace and level for the student.
Piano Academy student Stan O' Beirne
Chopin Etude in A flat major, op. 25, no. 1 "Aeolian Harp"
Adult Piano Lessons
Did you ever wish you had a better way to unwind, escape, and distract yourself from the humdrum of life? The perfect solution may be to tickle the ivories! Playing an instrument, such as the piano, can increase cognitive development and improves eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills. It could be the best release to unwind and add another skill to your list.

If this makes you want to run out and get yourself a piano, or maybe you have one sitting in the corner all these years, bear this in mind; The Piano Academy of Ireland is Ireland’s only school of music specialising in Piano, is enrolling now! Despite many opportunities to expand their school to include other instruments, we made the decision to dedicate themselves exclusively to what they excel in and to what we are passionate about: THE Piano!

The Piano Academy of Ireland is unique- it is Ireland's only School of Piano, and it does not discriminate between ages levels or abilities! While many adult beginners may shy away from learning the piano, believing that they "couldn’t possibly do it!", here at the Piano Academy of Ireland, we actually listen to the student’s needs, and those who try it out soon realise that they can do it! This is a wonderful confidence booster for people, especially for the adults who might not otherwise have the opportunity to play!
Personal Touch
Many students at PAI have remarked on the level of personal attention they receive here, and we aim to always provide a nurturing learning environment. We have plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year for those who wish to avail, including our relaxed Christmas & Summer Concerts, our very own annual National Festival, as well as the Dublin International Piano Festival, which runs throughout the Summer.
Places are limited so book your place now to avoid disappointment!
Discover the Musician Within
Those students that want to work particularly hard will be encouraged to do so, and we look forward to using our expertise to guide them towards reaching more of their potential. We thoroughly love what we do and fully embrace the idea that playing the piano can be learned at any age!
Pleasant learning environment
All our studios are bright and spacious. We have four grand pianos, including our flagship 9-foot Kawai Concert Grand, and three uprights across five inspiring classrooms.
Free weekly group class included
A 35 – 75 min ‘Musicianship’ group class, in which students learn about music theory and develop their ear utilising elements of the Kodaly method. These classes are held Wednesday, Thursdays, or Saturdays - depending on your level - and are an essential addition to one-on-one lessons. We will place you in an appropriate level Musicianship class based on any prior knowledge or training you have received.
As seen on RTE's Nationwide
A glimpse behind the scenes of the very first years of this Irish business, back in 2008...we've come a long way!
...and baby Solomon is now 11 years old:)
Our prices are very competitive with fees averaging out to €35-58 weekly.
Enrolment is September 9th 2019 - June 5th 2020
32 week year
Contact us
Piano Academy of Ireland
71B Brighton Road

Tel: +353 1 497 2333
Email: info@pianoacademy.ie
website: http://www.pianoacademy.ie
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