DL in NLP 2020. Spring. Quiz 2
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Какие исходные данные для алгоритма GloVe?
Отметьте правильные свойства алгоритма GloVe
Алгоритм fasttext строит векторные представления для ...
Алгоритм fasttext лучше применим для
What is the primary function of softmax in the case of logistic regression? *
Suppose you need to train a fully-connected neural network with 4 neurons at first hidden layer and 6 neurons at second hidden layer. This network takes 3-dimensional vector as input and has one output neuron with sigmoid function. Loss function is negative log likelihood. How many parameters should be updated through 1 step of gradient descent? (Don't forget the biases!) *
Finding the appropriate weight and bias of each neuron is the most important step in neural networks. If you can somehow get the correct value of weight and bias for each neuron, you can approximate any function. What would be the best way to approach this among listed options? *
Suppose you have inputs as x, y, and z with values -2, 5, and -4 respectively. You have a neuron ‘q’ and neuron ‘f’ with functions: q = x + y and f = q * z. What is the gradient of F with respect to x, y, and z? *
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