Call for Presentations - JSNation Conference, June 5, 2020
Our full-day, two-track conference covering the latest and greatest news and insights from the global JavaScript network is open to a very broad set of topics both for beginners and advanced JS people.

Join us and a group of internationally known JavaScript enthusiasts to share inspiration and spend a great, summer day in a unique Amsterdam location.

Your talk topic should be relevant to the JS community and technologies around it, including (but not limited to):

* New JS features
* JS frameworks: Vue, Angular, React
* Performance optimizations
* Progressive Web Apps
* WebAssembly
* WebGL
* Testing
* Node.js and other JS environments
* Tooling and case studies

Talk length - 30 min, without questions. Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have few ideas to share!

Talk submission form will be open until 29th of February. Then our committee will analyse all the submissions and finalize the schedule.
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