June Camp - Workshop for Teachers
We will be conducting a 2.5 hour workshop titled "Introduction to Debate for Teachers". The workshop will be held on 19 June, 10am - 12.30pm, along side the first day of Camp Ignis (our camp for primary school students just starting out in debate).

The workshop will focus on (i) the basics of debating; (ii) how to guide debaters in preparing / training for debates; and (iii) judges look out for in evaluating a debate.

Teachers may also wish to get their students to sign up for Camp Ignis for Beginners (19 - 20th June) or Camp Excelsior for Intermediate students (10 - 11th June). More details can be found at Debate Association (Singapore)'s website.
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This was conducted in Feb 2014 at Bishan Library
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Note: Wits and Words is the national primary school debate championships organised by MOE and Debate Association (Singapore)
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