After School Tutoring Program Student Application Packet
General Information Sheet

ADJUSTING to life in school can be quite a challenge. Even the best student struggle throughout these
years of change. Students with academic challenges can find their journey through school completely
overwhelming. The mission of the After School Tutoring Program (ASTP) at New Rising Star
Missionary Baptist Church is to help students succeed in school providing a free, supervised, and
tutoring program for struggling students in our community. In order to accomplish our mission, we
recruit and train volunteers to assist participating students with homework completion that will enable
them to improve their grades, become better learners and ultimately raise their self‐esteem.

ASTP is a program offered without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. The entire
program is to be consistent with and considered part of the overall Christian mission of New Rising Star
Missionary Baptist Church. Students who are not members of the congregation will not be coerced to
join our congregation. However, they and their families are welcome to join any activities of our
congregation’s life and mission.

WHO CAN ENROLL: Enrollment is open to any student in need of homework help in core curriculum
subjects, must bring teacher‐directed assignments with clear expectations. We will consider exceptions
to this policy on a case‐by‐case basis.

HOW TO ENROLL: Submit student applications directly to the After School Tutoring Program at New
Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church. Enrollment begins the first day of program, February 5, 2018. We
fill all openings based on a first come, first served basis.


REPORT CARDS: In order to evaluate the effectiveness of ASTP on individual student’s academic
performance and the overall impact of the program, parents or guardians must provide the following:
A copy of each quarter’s academic record or report card.


Students may walk, ride bikes, use private, school or public transportation to the program.

When departing, the parent or other authorized adult must come into the building to pick up
his/her student. Students will wait at their tables until their rides arrive.
If a person other than the parent or legal guardian is to pick up the student, the parent or
guardian must fill out an authorization form listing the name of the authorized person and a
phone number where he/she can be reached.

Students may walk or ride their bikes home only with prior written permission form their parent
or guardian. (We strongly encourage parents, if all possible to provide transportation for their
children when weather conditions are poor and during winter months when it is dark by 5:30

Parents must pick up their students between 7:15 PM and 7:30 PM or make arrangements
ahead of time. Consistent late pick‐ups may be a cause for dismissal.

In a medical emergency, 911 will be called and the parent or legal guardian will be notified
immediately. At the time of enrollment, the parent or guardian must sign a release form
authorizing the center to seek medical treatment for the student.
When ill, the student should not attend the program. If he/she becomes ill at the program, we
will call the parent or guardian to pick up the student.

BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS: Positive discipline methods are integral to the program. In order to
participate, students must understand and sign an agreement stating guideline for behavior. We use
problem solving strategies listed in the agreement to help students handle any issues involving them.
Repeated occurrence of inappropriate behavior may be cause for dismissal.

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