Weekly Filet Reader Survey
Thank you for taking the time for this, I appreciate it.

I created this survey to get a better sense of what you value about the Weekly Filet and how I can make it better. This is your chance to influence how the Weekly Filet will evolve over the coming months.
Anything you answer here will remain anonymous (unless you give me permission to contact you).

For every form that is completed, I will donate $5 to Give Well's Maximum Impact Fund.

Prefer to speak to me directly instead of filling in the survey? Sure, let’s chat! Grab yourself a timeslot (https://calendly.com/davidbauerch/weekly-filet-reader-chat) or send me an email to david@weeklyfilet.com.

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What describes well what you get from the Weekly Filet?
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For how long have you been a reader of the Weekly Filet?
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What is something I should do more?
What is something I should do less?
Which benefits of your membership are most valuable to you?
Can you remember what made you become a paying member in the first place?
If you ever were to cancel your membership (please don’t 😉) — what do you think will be the most likely reason?
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What other newsletter or newsletters do you recommend to friends?
How old are you?
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How do you introduce yourself when meeting new people?
Point me to something that I should have featured in the Weekly Filet
Last words? Something you couldn’t say above, but thought I should know?
Can I contact you in case I’d like to know more about something you answered? If so, leave your email address (it’s fine not to, you’ve helped a ton already).
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