London Rollergirls are recruiting their bench coaching teams for 2019!
We’re opening up applications for Brawling, Brawl Saints and Batter C Power bench teams. Successful candidates will join the Captain and Co-Captains to form the 2019 leadership teams.

Below is a brief description of the role and expectations. Applications close on Friday 28 December and will be voted in by the current charters. It is the aim that the leadership team will be in place by mid January 2019.

The teams
BRAWLING are London Rollergirls All star team, currently ranked 12th in WFTDA and 2nd in Europe. Brawling have a long history of being a hard working and a highly skilled team who have previously been ranked 4th in WFTDA. We play games primarily outside of the UK, during our 2018 season we played games/tournaments in: Helsinki, Cardiff, London, New York and Atlanta. We have a very exciting year planned and are looking for the right people to join us on our journey in 2019 to achieving our goals.

BRAWL SAINTS are London Rollergirls All-star Reserve Team. Currently ranked 13th Europe, we play home games in London and travel to both national and international games, averaging one game a month. We are a competitive team who aim to continue to progress through the European rankings.

BATTER C POWER are London Rollergirls’ 3rd travel team (35th in Europe). Batter C power acts as the more developmental part of London Rollergirls where players have a space to work at their skills and improve their gameplay whilst being in a competitive environment. This season Batter C will take part in British Champs Tier 1 South meaning approx 1 game a month and an opportunity to travel around the South. This will culminate with Play-offs around September time. We are also looking into travelling to play a similarly ranked team in Europe this season.

The role
The bench coaching staff are an integral part of the team, and will work closely with the Captain and Co-Captain. Each member of the leadership team will take part in important decision making processes, including rostering, line ups and strategic planning.

Each team can have up to four bench coaching staff, such as Bench, Line Up, Jammer Coach etc. and we are not prescribing these roles in this application. Please state if you have a particular role in mind, and we can discuss the positions once the leadership team is in place, playing to your individual's strengths.

What we expect from you:
- attend the majority of your team training sessions
- stay up to date with current strategy and terminology from the wider London Rollergirls training as well as strategy specific to your team
- prioritise LRG games over other games, and be available for home and away games (please note you will be expected to fund your own travel to games but there is a small stipend that can be used to offset travel to away games)
- not to be a member of any other women's roller derby team or league
- contribute equally to leadership tasks and administration, providing input based on your knowledge and skill
- be able to make fair and unbiased judgments for feedback, rostering and line ups.
What can you expect from us:
- really good roller derby
- a supportive and inclusive environment to develop your coaching and leadership skills
- an organised, proactive and dedicated leadership team
- world class training
- competitive games, both home and away.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we welcome your application.

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If you have any questions about the role(s), please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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