General Design & Marketing Project Questions
Thank you for your interest! Please be sure to review my work samples to make sure that my style matches what you are looking for. Please be aware that I will have more questions for you if we both decide to work together, but this form will allow me to contact you with the appropriate information.
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Include plans for page length,  dimensions, and number of documents/final versions needed.
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Will this be displayed on the web only? Used as a download? For sale digitally? In print only? Other?
If this is a print project, will you be printing this with bleed or no bleed?
With bleed means the images/color/text may go all the way to the paper edges, while no bleed means that the entire project will have a white margin of non-printable area around the content.
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Traditionally with new clients, I charge either a package price for a structured process or I charge by the hour for more complicated projects. If your project fits into the latter case, I will provide you an estimate based on your project specs and time I will need. You can review my standard packages here:
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