dB-SERC lunch discussion
Topic: Lab TA Training: How we prepare TAs to teach introductory physics labs, and how we know it works
When: Tuesday, June 25 from 12 - 1 pm [NOTE: DIFFERENT DAY]
Where: 321 Allen Hall

During the lunch, Danny Doucette and Dr. Russell Clark will discuss their course transformation focused on training graduate student TAs for introductory physics labs.

At the University of Pittsburgh, introductory physics labs are run by graduate student teaching assistants (TAs). Thus, efforts to reform introductory labs should address the need for effective and relevant TA training. We developed and implemented a research-backed training program that focuses on preparing TAs to effectively support inquiry-based learning in the lab. We identify positive direct, first-order, and second-order results by examining lab TA written reflections, the nature of TA-student interactions in the lab, and students' attitudes toward experimental science. Our results suggest that if TAs buy-in to this training, it can have a real and positive impact on TA performance and student learning.
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