Application for PATHFINDER ENTRY: Find Your Business on the Pre-Seed program
If you are applying as a team of Pathfinders, only one form needs to be completed per team - you do not need to complete one form each.

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TIP: the best answers are those that (1) do not use jargon, (2) actually answer the question, and (3) are detailed, this is not a competition to see how few words you write - make sure you explain your answers to us. Good luck!
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Why do you think you [and your team if applicable] will be resilient enough to build a business successfully? *
Why do you [and each of your team if applicable] want to start a business? *
What are some of the hardest things you individually [and your individual team members if applicable] have ever done? *
What are you [and/or your team] passionate about? Are there any industries you are interested in? *
If you had unlimited time and resources, what would you [and your team] build? *
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What do you most want from the ImpactBase Pre-Seed Program? *
Do you [or any of your team if applicable] come from a disadvantaged background of any type? If so, tell us about it. *
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