FR-101: Recruit Application Form
FR-101: Recruit Application for USMC 1st FR-OMST Regiment, 1st Battalion (PC).
Please, complete the form below to have a 1FR Recruiter contact you.

The information you provide does not imply an obligation to serve in 1FR. Additionally, you may be contacted by a 1FR Marine Recruiter or 1FR Officer Selection Officer (OSO).

Please answer this form fully. Fraudulent Enlistment is a Court Martialable Offense per the 1FR VCUMJ Article 83: Fraudulent Enlistment and is considering falsifying any information about yourself during any period of enlistment or application.

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Are you currently or have you ever, served in the US Military or Ally Country's Military?
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Have you ever, or are you currently serving in a MilSim Unit before?
If answered 'Yes' above, please provide the following information: Time Period of Service (Ex: 032015 - 052016), Highest Rank Achieved, Rank at time of Discharge (If the same, only put once), Unit's Name, Console
If answered 'Yes' above, please provide reason and type of Discharge
Please List all of your Qualifications/Certifications Earned from either Real Life Service or MilSim Service, if applicable (be sure to differentiate between the two)
Your Interests
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Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Please pick at least ONE PMOS and any others that may interest you
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Do you have any other Questions/Comments/Concerns you wish to state? Please use this space to do so.
Thank You.
Thank you for considering USMC 1st FR-OMST, one of the world's oldest MilSims, now on two consoles.
Our recruiters will contact you with 24-48 hours via your email.
Semper Fi,

USMC 1st FR Regiment, 1st Battalion, Recruiting and Training Command

I agree that everything I have input above is both correct and accurate, and do allow this information to be used by USMC 1st FR-OMST for data collection, Recruiting contacting and profile/package building. (Please date, time, and First Initial, Last name sign).
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