M-Lab Site Hosting Application
If you are here, it means that you are considering hosting an M-Lab site.

Thank you! M-Lab exists due to host contributions like yours.

The goal of this form is to help us understand how you can meet the requirements to host an M-Lab site, and to give us information that we can use to start the hosting process.
If you don't know the answers to all of the questions, you can complete them later. If your answers change, you can let us know later.

If you'd like to review the hosting requirements for site hosts in detail and understand the rationale, you can find all the information in this doc http://www.measurementlab.net/publications/mlab-technical-review.pdf.
For more general information about M-Lab, please refer to http://measurementlab.net.

If you have comments and questions about the form or about hosting an M-Lab site, you can use the "Comment" text box at the bottom of this form.

Your contact info
How can we get in contact with you to talk about hosting an M-Lab site?
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Organization *
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Country *
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Email address *
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Onsite technical contact
Name, email address, and local phone number to request onsite help.
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Basic qualifying requirements
Where will the site be hosted? *
Please provide city, region, and country.
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Can you provide a /26 IPv4 prefix? *
The prefix must be globally routed and dedicated to the site.
Can you provide a /64 IPv6 prefix? *
The prefix must be globally routed and dedicated to the site.
How much dedicated upstream bandwidth can you provide to the site?
An M-Lab site needs dedicated bandwidth that is at least significantly higher than what is available to common Internet users in the hosting country, to be able to run several simultaneous tests and make sure that the tests are not limited by the server upstream. Please specify separately the upstream bandwidth for local traffic and for international traffic, in case they differ.
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Can you host 4 Rack Units (RUs)?
If you can host fewer than 4 RUs, specify how many RUs in the "Other" option.
Which kind of IPv6 connectivity can you provide to the site? *
Deployment-specific details
If you cannot answer right now any of the questions below, you can edit the answers later.
Please enter the /26 IPv4 prefix.
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Please enter the /64 IPv6 prefix.
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If the IPv6 connectivity will be tunneled, which kind of tunnel will be used?
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Please enter your ASN.
If you don't have an ASN, enter the ASN of the upstream provider for the site.
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Who will be the transit providers of the site?
Please specify separately the transit to reach local users and the transit to international users, if they differ.
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Please confirm that the upstream router will provide the M-Lab switch with a static route.
M-Lab switches don't do BGP routing and get a static route from the upstream router. More info here: http://www.measurementlab.net/publications/mlab-technical-review.pdf
Please confirm that the M-Lab traffic will not go through local firewalls or other network filters.
Please confirm that the port of the upstream router that will be connected to the M-Lab switch will be (at least) 1Gbps.
This only refers to the port media speed and not to the upstream bandwidth.
Can you provide 4 servers that meet the M-Lab server requirements?
Can you provide a switch that meets the M-Lab requirements?
Comments and questions
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