Round 7 Author Mentor Match Mentee Submission
We'd love to get to know you better. Please fill out the below form and don't forget to email your QUERY, SYNOPSIS & 50 PAGES/3 CHAPTERS (whichever is longer) once you have done so to Incomplete submissions will not be considered. If we receive your application but not your email, we will email you to check in. If you DON'T hear from us, we have all your materials.
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Note: YA manuscripts should be a minimum of 45K. Adult should be a minimum of 65K. The 25K-44K option is for MG entries. (longer upper MG is fine, as well!) Word counts aren't a hard & fast rule, but a guideline we do recommend you follow.
What books or other popular media, if any, would you comp (compare) your manuscript to?
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Have you queried this manuscript, or any previous version of this book? *
It is OK if you have queried more than 10 agents. We just need to know if so and how many!
If you have queried more than 10 agents, please specify how many queries you have sent.
There are no wrong answers; we just want to know so our mentors have more information at their disposal
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Please provide any context, re: number of agents queried, and any previous iterations of this manuscript that was queried. We need to know the complete history of this project. This may include specific agents who have your material. (This will help us best help you, and understand the context of any revised manuscript submitted)
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Middle Grade: Select up to 4 mentors to whom you'd like to submit
Young Adult: Select up to 4 mentors to whom you'd like to submit. Mentors with an * beside their name are also accepting adult submissions (so will duplicate on that list). If you are submitting YA to one of those mentors, check off the boxes HERE, not on the adult list.
Adult: Select up to 4 mentors to whom you'd like to submit. Mentors with an * next to their name are also accepting YA entries. If you are submitting Adult to one of those mentors, check off the boxes HERE, not on the YA list.
Are you open to working with a different mentor than the ones to whom you applied, should another mentor wish to work with you?
Your Book & Writing Overview *
Tell us a bit about your book--is it your 1st? 3rd? 10th? Are you an #ownvoices writer? Have you previously completed and queried any manuscripts? Participated in any pitch contests? Anything you think might be relevant that you'd like your potential mentor to know.
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Have you been previously agented? *
If "yes" for the previous answer, who was your agent?
You may disclose as much or as little information with which you are comfortable. This is just to give potential mentors more context.
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Have you ever been published before? *
If "yes" for the previous answer, please provide details
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What are your long term career aspirations?
ie: where do you hope to see you and your books in 2 years, 5 years, 10? Do you see yourself writing 1 book a year, 2-3, going all traditional, mixing big publishers with small; trying self-publishing (going hybrid)? Sticking with YA, or maybe trying MG, Adult? Starting with contemporary but moving into genre (or vice versa)? We'd love to hear what you're hoping to achieve.
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What other kinds of projects are you working on/do you hope to work on?
We'd love to hear about your current WIP, future projects, or anything else you've worked on or hope to work on that you would like to share. We're interested in the full scope of your writing interests and career!
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What are some of the publishers/publishing avenues you have in mind for your book?
This can be general--Big 5, small press, digital first, book packaging--or specific, to the imprint or editor level, if you have such preferences.
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Who are some of the agents on your "must-query" list, if you have one?
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Are there any pitch contests or other writing related deadlines you have in mind for this manuscript that we should be aware of?
ie: "I want to pitch during DVpit," "I've booked a pitch session at a conference this spring," or "I'd like to query by September," etc.
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Are there specific issues with your manuscript that you hope your mentor will help to address?
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What are you hoping to get out of your mentor relationship?
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Do you have any questions for us?
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