Nelson & District Women's Centre Volunteer Intake
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Pronouns are words we use to talk about people when we don't use their names. For example, you could say "Alex is interested in volunteering," or you could say, "They are interested in volunteering."
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Would you be interested in taking our 20 hour (over 10 weeks) volunteer training course?
The course involves learning about intersectional feminism, local services, the Women's Centre's aims and history, as well as a personal development component.
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(for example: Monday and Tuesday between 2 and 5pm, and Thursday evenings after 6pm)
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(for example: listening skills, making delicious food, social media expertise, green thumb, etc.)
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Do you have any accessibility needs?
(for example: sensitivity to scents, need to sit down while volunteering, etc.)
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Why do you want to volunteer? And why did you choose the Women's Centre?
(for example: making friends and community, promoting social justice, learning a new skill, completing required volunteer hours, etc.)
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