Rural Non-Congregant Meals
Last year, Congress approved a new program for areas designated as rural by the USDA that would allow Summer Food Service Program sponsors to offer non-congregant meals service to children under 18 in approved areas. For these sites, children are not required to stay and eat. They may pick up their meals and take them home. 

Families can come to approved SUN Meals To-Go sites to receive a box with 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches once a week from the foodbank while schools are closed for Summer of 2024. 

To qualify, families need to register with the food bank and be able to pick-up their boxes at the designated times at their chosen distribution site.  We are capping to 650 kids a week for this program. You have until May 31st to sign up and we will approve you by June 7th. 

We will send you places and times for pick up once we have approved you for this program. Only authorized people can pick up meals. Your name must be listed on the household application. You do not have to live in the same county as the sites to get meals, but you must pick up meals at the designated address and time on their specific distribution day.  

We sort our lists by the name of the person that completes the form. Please make sure you answer each question carefully. 
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