Pre-Migration Questionnaire
Hi there! We're excited to have you come on board to Pico! To get a jump start on the migration process, we have created this pre-migration questionnaire. This will go over some of the general questions about your current setup which will allow us to plan out your migration onto Pico.
What is your email
What is your company name
What is your current platform?
What is your content management system that you intend to use with Pico? (Wordpress, Squarespace, Custom, Etc.)
Do you currently and/or in the future intend to lock access to site content or other features behind payment?
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Do you have any other subscriptions that you are looking to import from a different platform other than your current platform?
How many current subscribers do you have?
In your current platform, is it possible to have, or do you have any customers with multiple subscriptions?
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Do you currently have any donations?
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If yes, are the donations monthly, yearly, one-time?
If yes, do any of your donors have an additional subscription or more than one recurring donation?
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Do all recurring subscribers/donors have an email address associated with their user record?
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How many subscription plans or tiers do you currently have? (Tiers are defined as a unique set of features/offers. A “gold” membership with annual or monthly payment options would be considered one tier)
Are you looking to make any immediate pricing changes or updates to pricing?
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Do you offer discounts to any section of users (e.g. student pricing)?
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Do you offer group or family plans?
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Do you offer any newsletters, free or premium?
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Who is your current email service provider (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Convertkit, etc.)?
Do you currently send out any physical products to your subscribers, including print editions or donor gifts (totes, stickers, etc.)?
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