Forest Hills Elementary School - Virtual Learning Parent Survey 20-21
Please complete the survey by Sept. 11, 2020. If you have more than one child at Forest Hills, please fill out this survey for each child separately. If you have a child at another school, please to go the school's website and fill out the survey for that particular school.
Please select the grade level of your student. *
How much time do you estimate your child currently spends actively completing school work? *
Rate your comfort level with your child's current amount of screen time completing schoolwork. *
Extremely Uncomfortable
Extremely Comfortable
Using the scale below, how reliable is your child's technology *
Extremely Unreliable
Extremely Reliable
How satisfied are you with the platforms your child is using at home such as Canvas, Google Meet, Google Classroom etc? *
Extremely Unsatisfied
Extremely Satisfied
Which of the following descriptors best represents your child's state of mind given the numerous changes? *
What else would you like to share about your experience during virtual learning? *
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