Post N´ Speak - Poster and Oral Communications Competition
The IX In4Med proudly presents the VI Post N' Speak - Posters and Oral Communications Competition.
On February 28th, 2020, you will be able to compete in one of four areas: Fundamental, Translational, Clinical or Systematic Review (with or without Meta-Analysis).
The 1st place in each category will be eligible to win a prize. The top 4 will then compete with an Oral Communication to be able to present in the Main Auditorium.
Don't miss out on this chance!
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We remind you that, according to our regulation, the first author of the research work must be:

a. An undergraduate or Master’s degree university student in the field of Medicine or Biomedicine (e.g. Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical engineering, Pharmacy, etc);

b. If you have already finished these cycles of studies, you may submit an abstract, as long as the research was conducted during that period.

c. No PhD/Doctorate works will be considered.
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If you attend a different Medical School or course, please select the option "others".
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Please select the option that best suits your case. Don't forget you should select the option corresponding to the year you were enrolled in when you conducted the work.
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