Adopt a reef rules:

- Keep your dive site area clean, including the shore entrance.
- After finishing your shore or underwater clean-up make sure to document and report the waste type and quantity collected over the month.
- Ensure that the bins in the surrounding area are being emptied.
- Give environmental briefings to your guests. For more information visit our website
- Monitor your dive site twice a year by taking videos and a series of pictures of the reef, once in winter and once in summer. Send the footage in one file to the CDWS. This will help create a database on the progress of the reefs over time.
- Communicate with the surrounding businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops on matters affecting the dive site. For example, encourage businesses to improve their waste management, go plastic-free, informing visitors not to walk on the reef or use toxic sunscreen, etc. Engaging with surrounding businesses on awareness campaigns or small projects is key to keep your area protected.
- Report your marine life sightings to the big and rare invertebrates such as turtles, rays, nudibranchs, or more. Check the attached file for more information.
- Report broken corals, coral bleaching or diseases, algae growth, or others. Documentation should include pictures or videos
- Centers are encouraged to report environmental or technical violations at your dive site. Report a violation through our website or scan the following QR code.
- Submit a monthly update on your progress. (Forms will be provided for progress updates)
Those who do not report monthly will receive a warning, if they still fail to report any progress their adaption will be considered invalid.
- The dive centers that will adopt the dive sites will have no authority to prevent other operations from accessing the adopted dive site, or for charging any fees.
- Dive centers must report the violations to the CDWS and avoid direct confrontations with any violators.
- Dive centers will have to abide by the CDWS’ technical regulations and the national parks’ environmental regulations.
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