DCBIA Inaugural Young Leaders Award Nomination Form 2019


Nominations are now being accepted for the DCBIA Young Leader Award.

DCBIA’s Young Leader Award will be awarded in recognition of a professional who has positively impacted the DC real estate development industry through leadership and service. The rising star will have demonstrated a commitment to the real estate development industry and have the potential for substantial and lasting influence upon Washington, DC and the region.

We seek individuals who bring innovative ideas to their company/organization(s), can find solutions to complex real estate development industry problems, and give their time generously to larger DC community causes.
Nominees must be DCBIA members in good standing.

To be considered for this Award, a nominee:

• Must work for a DCBIA member company, firm, or entity
• Must work on projects in the District of Columbia
• Must possess a growing level of responsibility in their present area of expertise/specialization for 5 years or more
• Show passion and has made significant contributions to their company, department, unit, institution, and/or
organization and to the real estate development community as a whole
• Have engaged in activities such as:
o Demonstrated leadership, motivation, commitment to the organization or business’s success, positive
attitude, initiative, and perseverance
o Organized or led an activity or range of activities or services within their company or organization that
promote economic development
o Demonstrated innovation in their area of specialization
o Engaged in community and/or service related volunteer activities
• Shows promise in making further contributions to the field of real estate development as a leader
• Must be under the age of 40 as of May 9, 2019
• 2018 nominees are encouraged to apply.

If this sounds like you, or if you know someone who fits this description, please complete the nomination form. Self-nominations are welcome.

Submissions should include as much detail as possible about the nominee’s specific real estate development and/or community accomplishments. Quantifiable or qualitative results are preferred in the submission, i.e., nominee solved a unique challenge by creating a new process that resulted in a 50% decrease in permit processing times; or nominee innovated online presence resulting in 20% increase in sales, or nominee led community service efforts raising $20K to support activities for a DC youth baseball team.

All submissions must be complete and received using this on-line form no later than midnight on Sunday, March 31, 2019.
Nominees will be judged by the 2019 DCBIA Achievement Awards Nominating Committee and will be based on professional accomplishments, community leadership, awards, and milestones.

The finalists will be notified no later than April 20, 2019.

The honoree will be announced and presented the DCBIA Young Leaders Award at the DCBIA Annual Achievement Awards on May 9, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at The Anthem at the Wharf.

This is a black-tie event.

All questions regarding this application should be directed to info@dcbia.org.

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20. Is the nominee a member of the DCBIA Young Leaders Committee?
21. Is the nominee a member of another DCBIA committee? Please list.
22. Please list the DC real estate project(s) the nominee has worked on over the last five years.
23. Please detail nominee's professional accomplishments to include: his or her demonstrated leadership ability; use of innovation in the workplace; commitment to the organization or business success. Please also share your thoughts on his or her overall positive attitude, motivation, initiative, and perseverance. Carefully consider each of these qualities in your response.
24. List the nominee's Board or Committee leadership or participation in the last 5 years. Please note any important details regarding his/her Board service. This can be any business, community, or civic organization.
25. Provide any information related to activities or services performed by nominee through his/her company or organization that promote economic development.
26. Provide any information related to activities or services performed by nominee to positively impact the DC community, i.e., raised $20K or DC youth baseball team, mentor young professionals, volunteer activities, etc.
27. Provide any additional information that the DCBIA Achievement Award Nominating Committee should know related to activities or services.
28. Describe the nominee's educational background.
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