Certificate Programme in Nonprofit Leadership and Management Application Form 2019
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The Nonprofit Leadership and Management Certificate Programme is a detailed introduction to Nonprofit Management that takes on a highly practical, experiential and interactive approach. Participants will learn through a series of online and in-class faculty-facilitated lectures, guest lectures, case study discussions, and videos. This is to ensure they learn to advance powerful innovative ideas into high-impact realities, and effectively apply management skills to the nonprofit sector. The Certificate Programme is targeted at young and emerging non-profit leaders in Nigeria and has been designed to cultivate three pillars of competencies required to develop and grow a nonprofit organization – leadership effectiveness, business fundamentals, and social innovation.

The Programme particularly focuses on management and funding structures unique to the nonprofit sector. Participants will have an immersive experience in strategic planning for nonprofits, exploring current issues in nonprofit policy and legal issues; organisational development; human resources and volunteer management; financial management and fundraising; programme evaluation, marketing, and risk management. During the Programme, participants will gain a deeper understanding of nonprofit leadership, including how to define strong mission statements, manage operational and financial controls, and strengthen fundraising and revenue generation efforts – all of which directly impact the continuity of their organizations.

Programme participants will also explore fundraising options and learn how to access them through prospect research, communications, capital campaigns, etc. The Programme comprises online and in-class sessions that will run for four weeks – the online session will run for three weeks, followed by a one-week in-class session at the School campus. The course has sufficient quizzes, assignments, interactive sessions and supplementary resources to ensure that participants are appropriately engaged and collaborate where necessary. Participants are required to join in class discussions, provide peer feedback, and engage facilitators and guest speakers. There will be group presentations at the end of the course to ensure that participants captured principles and practices taught during the Programme.

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