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Supplemental Curriculum
Curriculum is available for select Saltwater Studies events. Please indicate if you would like to purchase supplemental curriculum so that you can follow up on concepts and learning material at home with your child(ren). Curriculum is available in both secular and biblically-based versions.
The Creative Collective Class Series
Biblically-Based Class Series
Biblically-Based Class Series (Miami)
Us-School Class Series
Sea Shell Identification Key
You can now purchase a sea shell identification key similar to the one used in the Sea Shell Identification Laboratory! It includes the pictures, names and sizes of 38 different common species of Florida sea shells on a laminated 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet (front and back).
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Sea Shell Identification Kit
Saltwater Studies is offering a sea shell identification kit including a 10-piece sea shell collection of Florida shells and a biblically-based identification booklet that includes tips on identifying sea shells and information about each sea shell included in the kit. Sea shells are specimen-grade shells ranging in size from 1 to 3 inches. All bivalves are intact with both halves of the shell included.
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Curriculum Lessons
Saltwater Studies is now offering its own curriculum series! These lessons can be used as supplements to Saltwater Studies activities and field trips and included in your home-based science lessons. Each lesson focuses on a different topic relating to the marine environment including features such as biological details, fun facts, identification tips, and examples of local South Florida species. An insert discussing how we can see the character of God in Creation is an optional addition for those who would like a biblically-based presentation.
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Saltwater Studies T-Shirts
Sizes Available: Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL. Adult 2XL and 3XL available for an additional fee.
Please indicate the sizes and quantity you would like to purchase.
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Curriculum for Moms
The Teaching Biblically-Based Science Workbook is designed for homeschool moms or any other adult that teaches science to children. This workbook offers practical tips on establishing the Bible as the foundation for science classes. The Word of God provides ample scientific information that extends well beyond the Creation account. By reviewing foundational truths from the Bible, this workbook will enable teachers to use their classes as an exciting learning experience for their students while also teaching their students to interact with their Savior on a personal level through His Creation. In addition, this workbook specifically addresses concerns such as the evolution/Creation debate, making science fun and interesting and dealing with the intimidation factor many feel when facing science and giving a fresh perspective on teaching science to children.
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