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Does your band want to play MAD WITH POWER? Use this form to fill out your details, and if we find you WORTHY, we will get back to you!

We would also HIGHLY recommend you add your band's information to the openly editable US POWER METAL BOOKING BIBLE, which can be found at: 
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1) If you've previously filled out this form - WE HAVE YOUR INFO. We keep ALL BANDS in our spreadsheet in mind for spots at future fests. Please do not fill out twice unless your contact information has drastically changed.
2) Mad With Power is primarily a Power/Traditional/Thrash fest, meaning we heavily lean towards clean vocals. This is not really a fest for death, grind, or black metal bands for the most part. Please look at our current lineup and alumni, and make sure your band FITS with the fest before signing up.
3) After you fill out the form, WE will contact YOU if we feel you fit, and have room for you on the current year we're booking. If we do not email, we are either not interested, or do not have room on our current year. Please do not email to ask.
Your band's name: *
How long (years) has your band been playing? *
Your name/Booking agent's name: *
Email contact for booking: *
Phone number for booking: *
We will always email first. Phone number is just for emergencies.
Your band's hometown: *
Your band's Facebook page: *
Your band's website (if you have one):
Link to streaming music (YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, or Reverbnation) *
Link to your band's best music video (if you have one):
Realistically, how much of a door guarantee you'd need to make to cover your expenses: *
For example, if you're driving to Madison from Ohio, you've probably got $150 in gas you need to recoup . How much REALISTICALLY are you looking for in terms of a guarantee to cover your gas, food, lodging, etc. Bear in mind that I am also in a band and I know what things cost. We will always TRY OUR BEST to meet REALISTIC guarantee goals, and will always take care of the band that traveled the longest distance first.
When was the last time you played Madison, WI? *
"Never" is a perfectly acceptable answer, and will not disqualify you, we just want to know.
Do you have any non-traditional instruments/setup we need to be aware of?
For instance, "I have an electronic didgeridoo that requires 3 DI boxes on the stage" If not, leave blank.
Are you comfortable playing on backline equipment? *
Backline equipment would be - A drumset provided by the fest, cabinets provided by the fest, a bass rig provided by the fest. We may or may not have any of these. Guitarists will be encouraged to use their own heads.
Are you comfortable sharing equipment? *
For example, if you and the next band on the fest have a similar drum setup, we may inquire if you can share your drums to help with switchover time.
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