DAYF Xmas 2020 - Cancellation Form (due to Covid-19)
We're sad that X-Mas 2020 festival isn't going to take place. We really hope to see you at one of our next editions:

2021 March 6 - 7 Dutch AcroYoga Winter Pre-Festival 2021
2021 March 8 - 9 Dutch AcroYoga Winter Festival 2021
2021 August 13 - 14 Dutch AcroYoga Summer Pre-Festival 2021
2021 August 15 - 21 Dutch AcroYoga Summer Festival 2021
2021 August 22 - 23 Dutch AcroYoga Summer Post-Festival 2021
2022 January 2 - 8 Dutch AcroYoga New Years Festival New 2021/2022

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