Saber Golf Free Flow Fitting Questionnaire
As a student and customer of Saber Golf we ask that you to please complete this questionnaire completely and honestly so that we can best help you become the best putter you can be. Take your time as this is a long questionnaire. Communication is key because becoming a great putter is not just about buying a great putter. If you don't know the answer please make either your best choice or type "IDK = I don"t Know" when possible.
First Name *
Last Name *
Date of Birth *
Email Address *
Cell Number *
Home Club *
GHIN Handicap number or current Index *
What is your height in inches wearing golf shoes? *
What s your "wing span" in inches? *
What is your hip height to floor measurement? Measure from the outside edge of your pelvis (hip bone) just under your love handles to the floor wearing golf shoes. *
What is the strength of your eye sight? *
Do you wear glasses or contacts? *
What is your prescription? *
Please rank the following in order of importance. *
1 Very
2 Somewhat
3 Not
Putter head design, sight lines, color.
Putter fit (Length, Lie, Loft, Flex, Grip etc).
Stroke Mechanics.
Speed control, touch, feel for distance.
Green and Grain Reading.
Practicing correctly.
Using training aids.
Dominant Hand? *
How do you putt? *
What is your current putter length? *
What is your current putter lie angle? *
What is your current putter loft? *
What your current putter head weight in grams? *
What is the total weight of your putter in grams? *
Do you use a back weighting / counter weight system or grip? What is its weight in grams? *
What is your current putter grip brand and size? *
What is the design of your current putter? *
What is your preferred putter design? *
What is your current putter toe hang? *
Dominant Eye *
How do you putt (Eye's) *
Grade your putting (1= Excellent 4 = Awful) *
Aiming the putter
Physical stroke
Grip for putting
Green reading
Grain reading
Stroke tempo
Distance control
Green speed calculation
Putter face control
Centeredness of face contact
Stress level
I struggle with the following (1=No / 2=Don't Know / 3=Yes) *
Aiming incorrectly
Missing 3ft putts
Pulling my putts
Pushing my putts
Topping my putts
Miss reading breaks
Missing putts short
Running putts past
Yips all the time
Yips some of the time
Yips under high pressure
Poor lag putting
Miss reading green speed
Miss hitting the sweet spot
Cutting across my putts
Looking early
Loosing posture
3 Putting
Not making 10ft - 20ft putts
Not making putts inside 10 ft
Decelerating my stoke
Jabbing at the ball
Flinching in my stroke
Wavering my back stroke
Watching my putter head move
Gripping tightly
Manipulating the putter
My confidence
Green reading
Understanding grain
Missing putts under 6 ft
Importance Rating (1=Very / 4=Not) *
Putter Aim
Body Alignment
Stroke Mechanics
Balance of your body
Stroke Tempo
Distance Control
Green Reading
Grain Reading
Grass Knowledge
Centeredness of contact
Matching your putter to your stroke
Look of the putter head
Balance of the putter head
Shaft of the putter
Grip of the putter
Grooves on putter face
Inserts in putter face
High Moment of Inertia Putters
Movable weights in putters
A cambered sole on the putter
A flat sole on the putter
Zero loft on putter
1-2 Degrees of putter loft
3+ loft on putters
Putter head weight
Total putter weight
Putter swing weight
Steel putter head
Aluminum putter head
Brass putter head
Putter face milling pattern
On these grasses I putt (1=Well / 2 = IDK / 3 = Poorly) *
Champions Bermuda
Tiff varieties
Overseeded Bermuda
On these green speeds I putt (1=Well / 2 = IDK / 3 = Poorly) *
6 on Stimp Meter
8 on Stimp Meter
10 on Stimp Meter
12 on Stimp Meter
14 on Stimp Meter
Overseeded Bermuda