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Please read the following:

Our speakers include Holocaust and genocide survivors, and their descendants (children and grandchildren of survivors).

Speakers are able to share their stories ONCE per day.

Please provide THREE unique days for scheduling purposes.
We will do our best to accommodate your first preference.

Programs with survivors can only be scheduled on weekdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 4:00pm.
Next Generation speakers may be available for evening programs.
Speakers are not available on Saturdays.

Speakers require at least 60 minutes for their presentation and a Q&A session.
If your group does not have an hour for the speaker's presentation,
please contact Penny Savryn at PennyS@jfcs.org or 415-449-3717.

There is a fee for Speakers Bureau programs. Should your organization be unable to afford this fee, financial aid is available. Contact Penny Savryn at PennyS@jfcs.org or 415-449-3717 for more information.
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