YRAP Volunteer Application

The Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP) is a Youth Justice Committee sanctioned under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. YRAP is mandated to work in the courts with young people who have caused harm due to significant social issues. These can include racism, discrimination, homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, prostitution, mental illness, and others.

YRAP is the first youth justice committee comprised entirely of youth members. We take unique approaches to achieve the goals of Restorative Justice, Mentoring, and the Indigenous Circle Process.

YRAP was created to be accessible to all youth. Our mission is to empower and provide a support network to help resolve social and systemic issues. In this spirit, it was formed as a Youth Justice Committee to reach young people when these issues held great importance in court and provide the support and mentorship necessary to address their situation. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Youth Justice Committee – Panel Member (2 hours per panel)
Volunteers get to know the young person’s background, interests, goals, and how they found themselves involved with the courts. Panel members aid in developing creative and constructive consequences to repair the harm done to the victim and community; While improving the conditions which may have led the youth to crime. The final goal is a positive, self-sufficient lifestyle for the young person.

Mentorship – Youth Mentor (as needed, average 1-2 times a week.)
Youth participating in the program are paired with a youth mentor that will be there as non-judgmental supports. Volunteers will support and advocate for the young person through court involvement, community service requirements, and finding other resources. This role is essential to YRAP as it builds long-term relationships founded on trust while offering youth a positive role model close in age. 

Fundraising Committee – various positions (Similar to Board positions, average 2 hours twice a month)
As YRAP is a non-profit group, volunteers will meet to plan fundraising events and initiatives throughout the year. These events help to make sure we can keep up with our programs. Programs the committee has held in the past include silent auctions, The Judicial Jamboree, block parties, etc.

Social Media Committee - various positions (Similar to Board positions, average 2 hours twice a month)
Volunteers manage YRAP's social media pages and the YRAP website. Committee members meet to brainstorm and create posts for the social media pages. Volunteers also ensure that all our information and resources online are up-to-date and accessible to the public.

Youth Drop-in Volunteer (Drop-In events run every week)
The drop-in committee holds events for all youth as a way to interact with them and have a good time. Volunteers will add to the atmosphere and help facilitate any projects or activities. The activities the committee has done in the past include movies, field trips, and art projects.

Volunteer Expectations
  • Volunteers are required to regularly attend monthly mentor/volunteer meetings- which are currently held on the last Sunday of each month. You will receive reminders.
Our active mentors and volunteers make reasonable efforts to attend at least one YRAP event monthly.  In doing so we can brush up on the needs of our mentors, share experiences and what volunteers want from YRAP such as different trainings. These meets are roughly an hour and a half but are generally meant to be light and fun.  We often play games or do activities. Some drinks and food are supplied.

  • Volunteers will be expected to attend at least two trainings a year.
We offer training four times a year that changes depending on mentor and volunteer needs.  

  • Ideally volunteers should interact with YRAP about once a month.
This can be done through any form of contact such as the monthly meet, hanging out at the youth Drop-Ins that happen every week, or participating in mentoring and training.  

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