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At Indigo Dance Evolution Academy, we hold in esteem a code of ethics that we expect students, parents and families to follow. This is to foster better relationships between our studio and all its components with the communities we serve. In doing so, we promote a meaningful and positive image to the world around us, while having fun, participating, learning and sharing a beautiful, foreign cultural form. A code of conduct builds a strong supportive environment within our class, it allows everyone to have clear expectations during class, rehearsals and performances. - Students (and parents of minors are expected in class) to: - Read all correspondence from academy (including this document) thoroughly- - If you need to pass on some information to tutor, please be there 10 minutes BEFORE class. Keep your update to the point and brief. Please: DO NOT disturb while class is in progress. Do not insist on a spot reply. If your update requires a detailed response, an email or a phone call will be made during business hours the following week to address your queries. - To respect your time & convenience, all our academy correspondence is strictly through email. We only phone you if the matter is of pressing nature and/or we have not received any return correspondence. Please: Add our email to your Contacts to avoid going to your junk mail. - Please endeavor to respond to any communication by the academy promptly and address any concerns outside of class times. - Tutor’s time during class is solely to teach for focused learning, &/or for costume fittings strictly, to give the best possible coaching service to you. Tutors do not answer their phones 15 minutes before, during, and after class. - Come to class, or bring your child to class/rehearsals ON TIME. Collect them ON TIME. Late pickups may incur extra fee. Some centers also close sharp on time at class end, we are NOT responsible for your child after such time. - Please: Refrain from using cell phones during class. This causes disturbance to other learners and a distraction to you too. - Be dressed appropriately & neatly, ready to dance. No flip-flops or short skirts without leggings allowed. Bring a bottle of water. - Please secure your hair, wear comfortable clothing and supportive footwear, stay hydrated. Children, esp. 4-7 years should be encouraged to go to the bathroom before you bring them inside class. - Parents of young ones at their first lesson are required to sit in waiting area for the first lesson or so, until the child is deemed comfortable with the new environment. - Parents of all children may seat in the waiting area only while class in on and come back to fetch their ward when class is over. Most centers have wi-fi for your use. Please ask front desk assistance for assistance only in such general matters, for all other class inquiries, your point of contact is the tutor. - Let the academy know as early and as far as possible, if going to be late, absent or not able to continue for any reason into next sessions/term/performances/rehearsals etc. - If you have missed a lesson, or run late, we cannot make up for it with short or no notice given. We may or not have similar level alternate times available. You can try to catch up over the course of extra practices for events. You may also catch up with assistance from material (if available) like online videos, notes etc). Check with tutor about our Redemption Card policy for holiday plans or valid medical absence - Please try Not to congregate outside the door to the classroom with others and create disturbance, not let young toddlers or babies run inside the class, try not to distract your child in any manner- let him or her focus during the learning time. In no case, are you permitted to video tape or photograph the class, either from inside OR outside, without prior permission of the tutor. - Students and student families must treat all students, performers and teachers with respect and dignity. Please do not spread gossip or rumors about other students, performers or tutors. Any differences, arguments or concerns may be only resolved in PRIVATE between concerned parties. The academy has the right to dismiss any person/s publicly or privately maligning other students or the academy, spreading ill-will among students or teachers, or creating a scenario which disturbs the peace & harmony of the class. This policy can additionally be enforced without a recourse or refund of paid up fees. - - Teaching the class content outside for monetary or in lieu benefits (discounts, gift cards etc) without the knowledge of Indigo is strictly prohibited. Any student found to be in breach of this policy, will be barred from further classes without a refund or recourse. - Please do not distribute promotional material for any outside concerns to any components within class premises without explicit prior permission of faculty. This may be for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial - Please do not collect other students' personal or contact information data within class premises, without explicit prior permission from the faculty. - Do Not use inappropriate language, wear inappropriate clothing or clothing that contains offensive language for any activity.- As a student you may ask questions where necessary and get your doubts cleared to avoid miscommunication; Request additional breakdown of movements when needed, and as and when instructor can give that attention; take care of their body movements, pay attention. Since it is a dance class a reasonable amount of exertion is experienced but let the instructor know if any physical discomfort beyond normal. - Treat all materials like props & accessories borrowed from tutor or other students for learning/ performing use, as a PRIVILEGE. Use them respectfully and not damage this property. Return in good order and as soon as possible. We may need you to buy your own wherever necessary as this will also allow you more convenience of self practice. - Refrain from misleading representations of the dance- if unsure, refer to tutor’s learning material provided. Know the music dancing to and physically practice your routines as much as you can, in order to refine & memorize. Always practice dance pieces in between weekly classes to achieve your best outcome. If language is foreign to you, read all the literature if provided and endeavor to have a copy of the music piece and the video, and any special prop if available, at the earliest. Change of contact details: -It is the responsibility of students to notify the academy in respect of any change in contact information including address, phone numbers, email ID’s, emergency contact etc. We are not responsible for any missed communication due to your incorrect information provided. Please ensure you note down your details correctly on forms and advise us ASAP if anything changes. Team work & Team Spirit Policies: - We request that each student attend diligently as much as possible. This is especially important in those classes where dance is taught as a performance medium, as these are mostly group practices. Your absence or late-coming affects the entire team. - Try to co-operate with your peers and tutor to achieve best possible outcomes for all. You may even offer to volunteer for the group of kids your child is in. Keep interaction pleasant & supportive with all components of our class. - At all times, in classrooms, performances and all group activities, students must display team spirit and work together with their peers & their tutor for a mutual common goal, to produce a successful, enjoyable class environment and/or quality performances. We build strong artists but also sporting Team players! If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and bring it with you to hand in on first lesson, along with your registration -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you read and agree to abide by all the Policies in the above section? *
Our Fees & Refunds Policies : - Your Training fees cover the cost of training only. They do not automatically buy the copyrights of the piece you have learnt. Whenever you perform our dances learnt outside of Indigo's events, you must ensure that our academy name is announced and due credits given. Student must not falsely represent school’s choreography as their own. Student must give written or verbal announcements about the school, whichever the event provides. Try to notify the school in every such instance in advance, when you intend to perform outside. - Not post videos of dance demos or performances on social media internet sites without prior permission of the studio. Our Fees Policy: - Fees are due by the first session of every new term. If fees are found to be due even after the 2nd session a late penalty of 10% will be applied. Based on situation, tutor additionally has the right to discontinue your studentship. Please ensure that you keep track of all subsequent fees due dates after joining through the receipts provided to you. If fees are not paid by the 3rd lesson, a late penalty will be levied. Additionally, if this happens frequently student may also be barred from future classes. -Training and Annual Registration Fees are payable by check OR cash or Bank Transfer only at Morrisville and Cary locations. - Pro-rated fees, if allowed, is at the sole discretion of the faculty and the center. - Return Check Policy : In the event your check is returned by our bank, you will need to provide all bank charges as damages plus principal amount of check to the tutor. - ALL FEES ARE FOR CONSECUTIVE LESSONS ONLY. Fee rates are based on terms of consecutive weeks’ attendance only. Fees cannot be transferred, pro-rated or deferred to later terms. Our Refund Policy : - Refunds for fees paid are NOT issued for ANY reason, unless in events of exceptional circumstances like medical emergencies, unforeseen events such as massive natural disasters- acts of nature (earthquake, tsunami, house fire etc) In the case of medical reasons, a valid doctors report needs to be provided to obtain any refunds due. In the case of other emergencies, an insurance report and/or other substantiating evidence may need to be provided to claim. Credits ONLY, not cash, will be given in any instance. Credits may additionally carry a validity period. -Any missed classes may not be made up for unless communicated at the time of sign-up. -Any classes cancelled by the faculty will be automatically made up by deferring to a similar slot on later date. In the event that faculty is not able to hold them at all, only then appropriate refunds would be granted. Any such refunds would be given by check payments. Such cancellations are rare. Have you read and agree to abide by all the Policies in this section? *
Our Events & Costume Policies: -Our Event Policies: As a student performer: - All students, beginner to advanced, are encouraged during the year and have the opportunity to perform at appropriate venues for their level, which may include local festivals, cultural gatherings, academy recitals, community celebrations, school presentations, amateur competitions and other studio recitals. Our academy is not about performances alone however, our mission is to imbibe an ongoing healthy lifestyle through the medium of dance and to allow for cultural appreciation & representation of our students, to foster holistic development of the student, instill confidence and teamwork skills in children, & to provide a social outlet among adults. These public platforms when provided, are given as a voluntary/mostly free service to the community and to the students. They provided a time frame and a goal to most of our students. Many a time, academy spends considerable time and out-of-pocket monies toward such expenses which may include special props, lighting, sound, other material, travel & co-ordination efforts. Although participation is optional, and students may opt to just continue learning in class, as they still learn the entire pieces and enjoy the preparation process from “behind the wings”, participation in events aids the learning process. - Show support for other students, performers, & tutors by being present at academy recitals and events (and not just your own child). Your Support will beget the team’s support. -Space & studio: If we are hiring a special studio for your/our presentations or rehearsals, Studio property should not be misused or taken without permission. Any damage caused by you will be liable to pay. Please do not enter studio when it is not your designated time or loiter around afterwards. Please do not excessively linger around before or after the class time or other students or hold up the studio unnecessarily. (More details on these will be handed to you for review at the time of invitation to our next event) Have you read and agree to abide by all the Policies in this section?
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